Common roles of a teacher in Birmingham

When advertising for job positions, employers always include the job description. This is the case in most Birmingham teaching jobs. The importance of employers including a job description in the advertisement is that it gives possible employees the opportunity to evaluate whether they are fit for the job. In this way, only the most qualified apply. Teachers are responsible for numerous activities, all which should be aimed at ensuring that students get the best of their lessons.

Job requirements of a teacher

You will find that most vacancies for Birmingham teaching jobs that are available in online recruitment forums have a detailed section on job requirements. Besides teaching, teachers are involved in a variety of other activities. Teaching can be challenging to a newly trained teacher, such as one who only holds the NQT (Newly Trained Teacher) certificate. Below is a list of the most basic requirements of a teacher in Birmingham.

What duties are teachers expected to perform?

Teachers are tasked with the responsibility of teaching. ‘Teaching’ in this case is an umbrella term that covers the following roles:

  • Developing teaching plans
  • Teaching the whole class, either to individual students, groups of students, or the whole class together
  • Follow the learning progress of their students
  • Actively engage with the students and discuss their education progress with the aim of correcting, motivating, or encouraging them where appropriate
  • Discuss the student’s performance progress with the parents or guardians in teacher-parent discussion forums or when required
  • Create appropriate tests for the students, administer the tests, and reward them
  • Create standardized tests for students when the need arises
  • Be a team player and work closely with the school’s administration
  • Be responsible for students as they engage in activities outside the classroom. Most of the common activities include games and detention.
  • Be responsible for the students and report any suspicious acts to the administration as needed

Engage in continuous professional development to ensure that they are always updated in their profession.